Horror Neighborhood MOD APK v1.2.2 (Unlocked) for Android

Children are always reminded not to eat sweets from strangers in the pickup trucks, however, as soon as they hear the sneaky songs played through the tiny speakers, they completely forget what they promised.

Ice cream men always play a bad role in horror movies by tricking young kids into buying ice cream and then kidnapping them in their twisted truck. Well, if you find this genre of movie interesting, Keplerians Horror Games has brought out a brand new mysterious and spooky game title called “Ice Scream: Horror District“For the players to enjoy and submit to the funk.

An evil ice cream seller has come to the neighborhood with his evil plan to kidnap your friend and you have seen it all. In this game, players will play from the first person perspective and save their friend unnoticed, saving them from freezing.

a story

“Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood” has a proper storyboard. Your friend, Charlie, has been kidnapped by a broken-down masked ice cream seller named Rod. Rod was bullied by his classmates during childhood and now, he’s putting his childhood anger on kids on the playground by freezing them with some strange superpower.

On a beautiful sunny day, a strange-looking ice cream man pulls his suspicious truck into the neighborhood and searches for the chubby kids. He tricks unconscious kids into buying his own ice cream and turns them into a sundae. You watched it all and decided to sneak into his truck to rescue Charlie and collect evidence and weapons along the way.

Ice Scream 1 Horror Neighborhood screen 0


Helpful tips that players never get confused about

Initially, players can choose to get a tutorial that leads you to the guide screen. So, if you feel a little lost, you can always go back and figure things out.

While playing the game, players will notice a small dot in the middle of the screen. They need to put it on the thread to get the hand button. This point helps them collect items that they can find across the maps by tapping on the desired object.

In some other games it is difficult to aim and capture an object but with Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood the touch control is simple and easy to get any clue. The player moves easily via the joystick located on the left side of the screen.Ice Scream 1 Horror Neighborhood screen 2

Simple puzzles but never boring

Rod is really scary but can be fun. He composes a song about his desire to capture and kill fat children and happily gossip to himself.

There are various scenarios for you to travel and solve the mysterious plan of this evil villain to save the frozen child. Each area has its puzzle, and your task is to hide inside his truck, go through some drawers, and look for more clues or tools. Sometimes players will find themselves in the “what am I looking for even in this room?” situation. But the puzzles are not so difficult to complete.

Secrets will be discovered, and items will be collected. But always be careful, Rod can hear your every noise and every movement you make. Every now and then, your heart stops because Rod makes a sneak attack.

Ice Scream 1 Horror Neighborhood screen 3

Four different game modes

Players can experience “Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood” to the fullest in four options: Stealth Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode, and Extreme Mode. The game will give you goose bumps whenever you lose the game or get caught by the evil Rod.

  • Stealth Mode: Rod is unable to see you, it will be at normal speed.
  • Normal mode: penis at normal speed; He can’t hear any noise, but you only have three tries.
  • Hard Mode: Rod is faster, he can hear some noise but not all, you only have three tries.
  • Extreme mode: Rod is as fast as in hard mode, but he can hear everything, the night is darker, and you only have one attempt to be sneaky and careful in this game mode.

Unlock all puzzles and props in the main game menu

No more paying for more interesting content and no more annoying ads because “Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood” has unlocked everything for you. Open the game and just click on Tip to get them all.

Visual graphics and sound quality


“Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood” is a horror game without bloody scenarios so it is suitable for all audiences. In fact, it is not so scary that a young audience will enjoy it. No delays found in the game.

The graphics are good and beautifully presented, and the decorations are absolutely stunning although you may see some blurry things. Interactions with the room, drawers, etc. are surprisingly smooth. Moreover, the game can be played on weak devices, so you do not need to worry if your smartphone is passed and used by multiple owners.

Jump scares are included but they won’t make your heart explode, I can guarantee that. And for some players, Rod can look very intimidating with an old, broken mask.

sound and music

You must remember that this is a horror game, so there will be loud and intense noises. The soundtrack can make your heart beat fast in scary moments. Players are recommended to play with headphones for better experience.


For starters, control is sometimes a struggle because it doesn’t allow you to interact with things normally.

The game is not working properly for some time as Rod can’t find you even when he sees you hiding from him.

There are some minor bugs like gasoline can fly sometimes, office key not showing pitch, etc.

last thoughts

Much of the game is exploring the world and saving your good friend Charlie while you do your best not to be seen by Rod the Ice Cream Man. Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK It’s weird but it can also be fun and interesting. The game is suitable for all ages so you can sit back and have fun with your little siblings and watch them get scared of the evil ice cream seller.

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