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Are you fond of puzzle games that test your quick thinking? After that, you must be bored with normal puzzle games like chess by now. Nobody blames you, in fact, there are a lot of unique puzzle games being published today. A good example of this is Girl Genius. Created by Lion Studios, this game has a lot of interesting scenarios in store for you.

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You can easily solve it by thinking differently and using your creativity. This is because the game follows the life of a smart girl who got married and cheated. She has a complex life and you will help her pass different experiences using only her intelligence. Can you move her to safety? Can you arrest her husband’s mistress? These are the things you will solve!

Solve different scenarios

Do you find solving puzzles fun? If so, you might be smart! If you want to test your wits in other puzzle games, you should try Girl Genius. This is a game that includes puzzles and action scenes to create complex puzzle scenarios to solve. Each scenario is carefully thought out to provide you with a mind-bending puzzle to solve.

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You just have to be at your best and choose the best path for this game. But the puzzles are not so easy as there are traps in all the levels. There may be easy answers that will tempt you. But you have to think outside the box in order to solve it completely. Some levels require you to scan the phone and select the appropriate response to catch your husband twice. Or, there may be times when you have to go through the window! In this game, there are also costumes that you can collect as you solve different puzzles. Or you can use the help of hints!

Highlights genius girl

Are you more into action puzzles than traditional puzzles? Try playing Girl Genius and enjoy a variety of action puzzles.

Girl Genius APK Free Download

Lots of things to do – Puzzle games are not a rare thing now. There are a lot of them on the Google Play Store waiting for you. But if you are looking for a more attractive puzzle game, you should download Girl Genius. This game is not your typical game where you just move the pieces or select the objects. Here, you’ll need to be a thinker outside the box at all times. The game may ask you to pull something to solve a level. Or you may be asked to choose an answer for the text. Depending on your choices, you can solve the puzzle right away or not. In this game, you will follow the life of a married woman who was deceived by her husband. After that, you will solve a lot of puzzles that will involve you!

Variety of puzzle levels – In Girl Genius, you will solve a variety of puzzle levels. In each one, you will need to solve different things. In the first level, you have to save the bride and groom from falling of the chandelier. Then, she will follow her while her husband cheats around and then leaves her. The story is fun because it is intertwined in puzzles. This means that you will solve puzzles while having fun! You don’t have to worry because there are a lot of levels to play in this game. You won’t solve them all in one day because they are all difficult.

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collect clothes – At the end of each level you will get coins and you will be able to unlock new skin. You can keep the skin for free just by watching a video ad. Or you can quadruple your coins by watching an ad. In general, there are nice looking costumes that you can use in this game. It provides a variety for the ones you use initially.

Great animations and controls – This puzzle game is unlike any other game you have played before. It has great animations and the controls are well made too. You will be able to choose different outfits that instantly make your character look like something else. There are costumes like military uniform, red dress, amazon look, school girl costume, spy costume, maid costume and many more.

Fun puzzle game – Girl Genius is a genius puzzle game that you can play today. It allows you to think deeply about what to do next. This is a different game from any popular puzzle game we have today.

Girl Genius Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Download Girl Genius now and enjoy the puzzles engraved in the story.

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