EverMerge MOD APK 1.35.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Welcome to the lands of mystical fusions where you join your favorite characters from famous fairy tales and enjoy great game play EverMerge. Explore the beautiful world of fantasy objects, fairy tales, structures and characters, as you engage them all in an epic merge game. Explore hundreds of different levels with addictive puzzle game as you progress.

Enjoy exciting puzzle and adventure gameplay by taking yourself through a series of exciting fusions. Feel free to discover and combine a variety of items, objects and even characters to unlock a huge variety of interesting things. Travel to the lands, solve quests and enjoy the greatest fusion game ever.

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story / gameplay

In the lands of EverMerge, there was a time when the lands and seas were filled with mystical creatures, talking animals and characters of interesting fairy tales. However, all of that changed when a mysterious mist overwhelmed the human world, which covered the majority of the lands. Thus, mysterious creatures, fairy-tale characters and everyone who comes with them hide inside the thick and formidable mist. Now, the characters will need your help to help them in their missions to eliminate the fog and return the lands to their former prosperity.

Here in the game, Android players will find themselves enjoying the exciting merge game with lots of interactive things that you can combine and create. Discover yourself traveling on the huge map and get involved in exciting levels of puzzles, where you try to combine all kinds of interesting items and objects on the tracks. Create all kinds of epic objects from your items, and sometimes, even characters. Advance in the game and continue to clear the fog as you collect interesting items through your combined adventure.

EverMerge 3 . screen


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Have fun with your many fantasy characters

For those of you who grew up loving the fun fairy tales from Brothers Grimm, Disney and others, you will surely find yourself interested in this amazing adventure game and collect any of the characters you like from many famous fairy tales. Start enjoying the awesome EverMerge game as you engage in stories and discover a huge cast of interesting and unique characters.

Hundreds of interactive items to enjoy in your merging game

And when you find yourself exploring the game, EverMerge also introduces players to a fun and engaging method of merging. Feel free to collect items on the map and combine similar items together to come up with more interesting items and characters. Discover the fog as you search for more exciting things to play with.

Combine or more things of the same type together and you can unlock many amazing and strange things. With hundreds of items available to play with, and interesting evolutions to explore, you will find yourself enjoying this addictive merge game when you are in the game. Feel free to check out the evolution in the Discoveries book and try to create your own mega mergers.

EverMerge 2 . screen

Get all kinds of help from the characters

With the new set of characters you have collected, Android players in EverMerge can also take part in the exciting gameplay with the help of the many available characters. Have worker dwarves work to clear the way for you or collect certain resources. Explore and develop your magical unicorns so that they can help you with their many interesting abilities. And most importantly, the main characters from one of the famous fairy tales, with interesting powers, will allow you to further explore the huge map of EverMerge.

Collect lots of interesting items from trees

And as you engage in exciting adventures in the game, the embedded items will automatically populate whatever items or resources they may be. Feel free to combine these items or collect resources for certain missions. Unlock and discover more interesting features with new characters, structures and abilities with the available items.

EverMerge 5 . screen

Explore the island of special events and have fun

Also, to make the game more interesting, EverMerge also introduces Android players to the fun lands of event islands, where you can fully engage in various time-limited challenges or enjoy unique events. Feel free to enjoy the game in various game modes and unlock your own rewards as you progress.

Join the online community and have more fun

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of EverMerge even more by joining its online community. Simply connect the game to your social accounts and instantly discover your friends playing games, along with many other online players from around the world. Enjoy and enjoy the awesome EverMerge game to the fullest with many online experiences.

EverMerge screen 0

Play the game with the highest level of freedom

On the other hand, if you like to play alone and have funAn electronic game at your own pace, EverMerge also offers its offline experiences for you to enjoy whenever you are ready. Hence, there is no need to turn on mobile data when you are abroad to start enjoying EverMerge. Just open and you can enjoy your puzzle adventures. Not to mention that you can now pause and play the game at any time, giving you absolute freedom to play as you go along.

Enjoy tons of fun quests and puzzles

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of EverMerge with many interesting missions and puzzles that are not part of the main story. Thus, it gives players more fun and engaging gameplay to explore. Here, you can open random chests and collect cool rewards and coins without having to do anything. Enjoy fusion events with other players from all over the world. Complete some missions given to you to unlock special rewards.

EverMerge 4 . screen

free to play

And despite all the exciting features it offers, Android players at EverMerge will find themselves engaging in exciting puzzle gameplay absolutely for free. As a result, you can easily pick it up from the Google Play Store and enjoy it whenever you are ready.

Enjoy the fully unlocked game on our website

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of EverMerge on our website with fully open gameplay and ad-free experiences. And most importantly, there is no need to pay for it, everything you can take for free. Simply download the EverMerge Mod APK on our website, follow the instructions provided, and you are ready to go.

Picture and sound quality


With beautiful and friendly graphics, EverMerge introduces Android players to their exciting journey in the world of fairy tales and adventures. Here, you can find yourself enjoying the exciting gameplay of magical fusions as you unlock beautiful cartoon structures and characters. Meanwhile, collect adorable creatures in your collection within the game. More importantly, the friendly visual experiences will make the game very suitable for Android players of all ages.

sound and music

Along with the great visuals, EverMerge also allows Android players to fully engage in exciting puzzle gameplay with interactive and responsive sound effects. Meanwhile, the pleasant soundtrack will make the game very interesting and relaxing for Android players to fully participate in the experiences.

last thoughts

If you are interested in the exciting puzzle game of fusion, and most importantly, a fan of famous fairy tale adventures, then you will definitely find the exciting gameplay of EverMerge fascinating on your mobile devices. Feel free to get involved in addictive adventures with lots of interesting and exotic aspects to discover. Meanwhile, also have fun playing with your friend and online players.

Finally, since the game is completely free and unlocked on our website, you will definitely find it more fun.

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