Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Second Half Of Forest Of Valor

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Must have more space and storage to store your things. The more space you have, the more products you can store to use or sell later. So here’s a guide on how to open up the second floor with lots of storage

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Second Half Of Forest Of Valor

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Second Half Of Forest Of Valor

Scrooge McDuck is the character you need to talk to to open up the second floor of your house and increase the space to store things there. But to unlock the house upgrades, you have to do some quests for Scrooge. First, you must complete the quest Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Open again to open his shop.

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You then need to complete the Valley Economics 101 quests that ask you to sell 7 items to the Goofy Shop. After completing this quest, talk to Scrooge and he will open the elevator in your house. This means you can now upgrade your home.

Then you have to buy a spacious or extra room for your house and spend a total of 1000 coins. Scrooge will then appear again and then you have to buy the House expansion for 2000 coins. A second House expansion will then be unlocked for 20,000 coins. Buying the second expansion will unlock the second floor of your house.

When it comes to storage, you can build many chests in your house to store your things. Although each chest only has one row of items. But if you buy house expansion, you can also improve your chests to hold more items.

Buying the first House expansion will add one row to the chests. Buying the second expansion will add two more lines to the chests. They will receive a quest called “With Great Power…” which will ask them to explore a place called Mysterious Cave located in the Dazzle Beach area. toy

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Watch our video to see how to unlock the Second Magic Gate or read on for details.

The second Magic Gate will ask players to grow three special plants in front of the statue near the gate.

“Find the right plant to grow and continue below. One underground, the other gold and brown. It stays red and round.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Second Half Of Forest Of Valor

The “underground” crops are carrots, and the “golden and brown” crops are wheat. Finally, the “red and round” crop is the tomato.

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Once you have collected at least one carrot seed, one wheat seed, and one tomato seed, you can plant these seeds in front of the statue. When the seed grows, a second magical gate will open and you can continue exploring the Mysterious Cave. Remember, if there is a dry plant, you must water the plant before the gate opens.

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