Battle Ranker in Another World APK 1.0 [Full Game] Download for Android

Battle Ranker in Another World APK offers RPG experiences along with a distinct idle element. In this game, you have been raided by other gang members and taken to another world full of dangers. There is no other way, you need to fight enemies from the other world so that you can go home.

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Introduction about Battle Ranker in another world

Battle Ranker in Other World – Fight in vast environments and increase the power of your heroes

Enter the strange world of Battle Ranker in another world and face monsters everywhere. Your task is to simply crush every enemy in front of you to win every level. Use the constantly available loot to strengthen the character and prepare to face stronger enemies.

Publisher Springcomes brings a lot of challenges to players. You will have to become the most powerful person in this world to help the main character return home. Beautiful graphics and impressive gameplay with lots of surprises are waiting for you to discover in this exciting RPG game. Download through Google Play or APK link below the article to play right away.

Accompany Jenny Pink

Battle Ranker in Another World presents a touching fantasy story led by Jenny Pink. After the protagonist is defeated in a raid by other gang members, he is suddenly transported to a completely unfamiliar world. At this time, Jenny Pink appeared and made a proposal to help this man return to normal life.

But first, he needs to win all the intense battles in a new world. Don’t worry, Jenny Pink will always be with you in this intense battle. Enjoy a brand new journey against all the evil enemies and return home successfully. Remember that only the best can go home, you need to lead the leaderboard in this game.

Idle combat mechanics

Once you join the game, players will immediately start a fierce battle with other opponents. Battle Ranker in Another World has idle gameplay with auto-play mechanics. However, you can switch between idle control and manual control any time you want. Any combat mechanism will give you a unique experience. Simply tap to embark on an exciting adventure in a new world in this game.

Download Battle Ranker In Another World

After defeating the enemy, the player will get some corresponding loot used to upgrade the main character’s strength. This game offers a lot of different upgrade mechanics that will surely make you feel amazing. They include gear, booster, skill, awakening, boosters, outfits, evolutions, and more. The more you upgrade, the stronger the hero.

Join the PvP battles

It’s time for you to join the relentless PvP battles with other opponents around the world. Remember that they are all powerful warriors with unlimited attack power. This is the time for you to test your strength by facing opponents of the same level. Moreover, Battle Ranker in Another World allows players to freely communicate with each other to create a large community. In addition, daily rewards and events await you to complement them with many valuable items.

Defeat the most ferocious monsters and bosses

Monsters and powerful bosses are waiting for you in the dungeon. The common feature between them is possessing destructive power with high attack and defense stats. To defeat the general, you need not only a hero with great strength, but also prowess during the battle. A few small mistakes are enough to make you pay in this game. Grow your hero by collecting unique equipment along the way, and showing the bosses who are the strongest.

Cool AFK Feature

Download Battle Ranker in another world apk

Like most idle games of the same genre, Battle Ranker in Another World allows the main character to fight automatically even when the player is offline. This means that your hero will continuously level up and increase his fighting power at any time. Thanks to it, players do not need to constantly experience the game and still achieve certain achievements in this game.

How to install Battle Ranker in another world

Step 1: Download the APK version of Battle Ranker in Another World from

Step 2: Open Unknown Sources to allow installation of .apk file on your mobile device.

Step 3: Tap on Install.

Step 4: Complete the installation and the “Battle Ranker in Another World” icon will appear. Log in to the game and enjoy it now.

Download Battle Ranker in Another World APK for Android

Battle Ranker in another world will give you the experience of fierce battles with hundreds of different monsters appearing. If you wish, you can also engage in PvP battles with players from all over the world to assert your strength. Overall, it is an interesting RPG for players who have a taste for adventure along with battles with idle monsters.

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